„Oh, Father, please help me. Please send me a little grain of sand. And please, if I may ask, please make it shiny. I promise I will cherish it with all my heart.”

Then God, in His infinite Love, sends not a grain of sand, but the brightest star.

„Oh, Father, am I not worthy? What is it I must do for You to answer my prayer, to be worthy of Your Love, to receive my tiny grain of sand?”

Then God makes the star so bright, it lights up the skies, beaming with Love and Joy.

„Oh, Father, please forgive me. I know not why You do not hear my prayers.”

Finally God sends you your tiny grain of sand. His blessings come in abundance but not all eyes are able to see.

Then He wraps His Being around the star, absorbing her back into Himself. He knows His is the only Love in which her unseen heart shall heal. For it had been weeping all along.

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