The purpose of life

“What is the purpose of life?

Just sheer enjoyment.”   •   Septembrie, 2019

What is the purpose of life?

Just sheer enjoyment.”

That simple.

We are born innocent, fully present, fearless and happy. Everything is new, perfect, beautiful. Even when we get hurt, as babies, once the pain is gone and the crying is done, we instantly forget about it and we’re smiling widely again at every single thing life brings about. When we first come into this world, everything is fascinating, joyful, worthy of our full attention.

Sheer enjoyment”. It could still be that way when we grow up.

Babies and small children never get bored. They learn about boredom later. As they learn about fear, “musts”, “dos” and “don’ts”, how they “should” think, behave, feel, do not feel, speak, do not speak, limits, ideas and concepts of all kinds.

They quickly learn that love is usually given under conditions. Only when they behave as expected of them. Sometimes, they learn love is not given at all. And that’s when the become so broken, that they forget love even exists. They begin by no longer loving themselves. Some of them later remember and heal. Most of them never do. They grow up into broken adults who in their turn break their lovers and their children, who in their turn…

They learn these lies from the gods of their lives: their parents and caretakers. And since they worship these gods, they absorb everything they say and do as the ultimate truth, before they even have any filters to check weather it is true or bullshit.

We forget who we are before we even realize who we are. And then it takes us a lifetime to find out. Some of us do. Most of us don’t even know they can try.

A conscious being deeply knows who they are. Under all aspects of existence. They know their power and master their life in all its aspects. Not trying to control what happens outside of themselves. Knowing full well that is mostly impossible, and partially a result of their own inner management.

A conscious being remembers they are one with absolutely everything and everyone and therefore they are simply unable do anything harmful to themselves, the others or the environment they live in.

A conscious being knows that there is only one life running through all beings, through mountains and oceans, through earth and sky, through humans, animals, plants, rocks and every single being in the world. They feel that life as their own. Because it IS their own.

Harming one is harming all.

We are all one.

A conscious being remembers love is what they are.

Everything is love.

Including all of us.

All we have to do is remember.

How should we treat others?” someone asked Ramana Maharshi.

There are no others.”

Foto: ©Anca Negescu